Sub Accounts

Manage multiple accounts with Streamkap

Enable Sub Accounts

At present, sub accounts need to be enabled by contacting support.

Hierarchy Support

It's possible to create multiple sub accounts, which are entities in their own rights isolated from each other. It is also possible to create sub accounts of sub accounts so that you can create the hierarchy you require.

View all the accounts and manage user access

View them in a graph also


Each sub account has the option for its own billing or can be rolled up to the parent account. The parent account subscription in that case can cover all the sub accounts too and receive the volume discounts.

User Access

Access can be granted on a per account basis or to allow the parent accounts sub account access to any level by using Roles, learn more at Team Management

Switching between accounts is possible via the account selector in the app or via settings/managed.

Auto linking accounts based upon domain name

Once sub accounts are enabled on your account, it's possible to also auto link accounts based upon the domain name.