Sources refer to data sources we will receive data from.

On this page you can create new connectors or view the status of existing ones.


  • Create
  • View existing Sources & Quck Actions
  • Create & Edit Authentication
  • Settings
  • Schema
  • Status

View Existing Sources

  • Shows types, quantity of topics latency
  • Able to search and filter the list

Quick Actions

  • View
  • Reset/Restart/Pause
  • Delete
  • Clone
  • Logs

Create & Edit Authentication


Varies per connector but you will find values to configure such as how to carry out snapshots and how fast to consume data.


  • The adding and editing of schema to consume
  • Streamkap can consume multiple databases and schemas per instance
  • You can bulk upload the list of databases/tables. Format is a simple list of a database or table per row without header
  • Coming Soon - Data discovery, so that you can browse and select from the source


  • View headline statistics such as Latency
  • View volume, events retries and snapshot status per table/topic
  • Trigger a new snapshot/backfill per connecor or table/topics

Quick Actions

  • Snapshot
  • Pause/Reset/Restart
  • Delete
  • Clone