• Google Service Account User
  • JSON service account key

Granting Privileges

  • Create a Google Service Account User with the following permissions:
  • BigQuery Data Editor (bigquery.dataEditor) IAM pre-defined role or a custom role with permissions:
    • bigquery.tables.create
    • bigquery.tables.get
    • bigquery.tables.delete
    • bigquery.tables.list
    • bigquery.tables.update
    • bigquery.tables.updateData
  • Download the JSON service account key (We do not support p12)
  • Create the dataset name to replicate to (The connector does not create a dataset for you. This limitation will be removed in a future release)

BigQuery Setup

  1. Find your Project ID and make a note of it. Go back to the IAM & admin tab, and go to the project members list
  2. In the New Members field, enter the name of the Service Account you created in Step 2, which is the entire email address
  3. Click Select a role > BigQuery > BigQuery Data Editor

Streamkap Setup

  1. Go to Destinations and choose BigQuery
  2. Input the following information:
    1. Name - A unique and memorable name for this Connector
    2. JSON key file: Upload the JSON format service account key created earlier
    3. Dataset Name: The dataset in your BigQuery project where the table(s) will be created
    4. Dataset Region: The GCP region where the table(s) will be stored
  3. Click Save