Receive alerts for key pipeline information

Alerts allow you to receive real-time notifications for key events, such as connector or pipeline changes, status changes, pipeline lag, error messages and time series metrics such as 'No data in 30 minutes'.

Setup Alerts

  1. Click Alerts in side menu

  1. Click Gear Icon
  1. If you click the gear icon, you are shown a list of types of alerts to choose from

Receiving Alerts

When you receive alerts, they will be sent to your chosen channels as well as in the app.




Alert Channels Supported

  • In-App
  • Email
  • Slack
  • Teams
  • Grafana
  • Discord
  • Mattermost

Coming Soon

  • Generic Webhook
  • OpsGenie
  • PagerDuty

Alert Types

  • Pipeline changes state (Broken/Active)
  • Source/Destination/Pipeline changes state (Created/Edited/Deleted/Paused/Resumed)
  • Latency > 3 minutes
  • Connector/Pipeline receiving no data within 30 minutes

Coming Soon

  • Log error entries
  • Improved messaging
    • Who made the change
    • Links to the change
    • What changed
    • Define time to be used for no data alert
  • Setup per pipeline instead of all pipelines
  • Transform jobs status changes & lag