Schema Evolution Support

Schema evolution support refers to the ability for a database system to handle changes to its schema over time, without disrupting ongoing operations or data integrity. This allows for greater flexibility in responding to changing demands and updates, ultimately leading to improved overall performance and efficiency.

Some common types of schema changes include new columns, removal of columns or change of data types.

All of our integrations have schema evolution support and the following are the features.

Additional Columns

We will insert the additional column to the schema in the destination

Removal of Columns

We will maintain the column in the destination

Change of Column Type

We will add columns for the additional types. For example if there is a column called 'Age' which is Binary but then we receive type 'String', we will add an additional column called Age_String

Add Object

Adding objects is handled by modifying your Subscriptions. Streamkap will automatically backfill/snapshot this data as well as stream data immediately.

Remove Object

Removing objects will leave them intact in the destination but stop reading data in.