Proxy Agent

The Proxy Agent is used to read data from on-prem environments and send the data to Streamkap cloud environment or your private VPC deployment.

We support this via Docker to ensure a better experience with the compatibility of hosts and updates we provide.


We use Docker Engine to allow for supporting multiple platforms. Please refer to Docker Engine minimum requirements for both hardware/software.

Streamkap Component

The specification below can be deployed as one VM but we recommend 2 VMs across 2 nodes for higher availability.

  • 2 CPU, 4GB memory, Storage 4GB


  • Open connection access from the Proxy Agent to the sources. This will be the standard source addresses and ports for each source.
  • Open connection access between the Proxy Agent & Streamkap
    • Inbound from Streamkap to Proxy Agent on Port 8083
    • Outbound Proxy Agent to Streamkap on Port 8081, 9095, 9096, 9097, 9131
    • Outbound Proxy Agent to Streamkap Metrics on Port 8443 - URL will be given to you during installation.


  • We will send you a script. This will
  1. Install Docker engine if it does not exist
  2. Configure log rotation to 1G
  3. Pull images and spin up the containers